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MergerMasters has worked with hundreds of companies to close more than 200 deals worth over $1 billion dollars in a little over 23 years. Primary markets served include manufacturing, distribution, business services, aerospace, technology, and healthcare.
Our advisors work to add the highest possible value to your company’s merger and acquisition transactions by providing business valuations, value enhancement services, legal services, and other key business services. We are selective in who we work with, allowing both buyers and sellers to rest assured that they are benefiting the most from their business transactions.

Key Transactions:

Our team constantly receives feedback from both sellers and investors that we are the best M&A experts they have ever dealt with. Here are a few key transactions and career highlights.

BP (a satisfied client for 20 years) wanted to sell to a competitor. After hiring a franchise business broker for a business valuation and receiving a suggested $7.5M FMV (well under the desired $10M), they turned to MergerMasters. Our team was able to implement strategic modifications to the client business development efforts, and in a year, received multiple $30M dollar offers.

H&P was dealing with a buyer that defaulted on a purchase offer when MergerMaster came to the rescue. The 80-year-old owners were retiring, so time was of the essence. Within a year of contracting with the client, we increased their selling price by 100% and created an incredible deal for an employee to be an equity holder on Day 1 of the new company.

[Prominent Filtration Company] was nearing bankruptcy when they hired us. We diagnosed some issues in the market they served and created a firestorm of interest based on future strategy and projected revenues. We created multiple 8-figure offers. The company is thriving today, and the owner is living in paradise!

[Private Aviation Company] had shown no profit over a period of several years. The company paid two franchise business brokers $50K and $12K retainers and business valuations (this is stealing) only to be told the business was “NOT SELLABLE”. The 82-year-old owner needed money for retirement and had been swindled twice. MergerMasters was able to work with them and their staff to identify previously unknown profit drains which were corrected immediately. We created a bidding war and obtained a deal in excess of five million dollars where others failed. Our skill and dedication to help and serve this client became well-known.

These are just a few of the many businesses we have helped. With every client we take on, we work to get you the highest valuation possible while finding a worthy buyer to carry on the legacy of your business.


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