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Business Valuations

Getting the most value out of your business

Many prospective clients have shared stories with us about the money they have squandered on objective third-party business valuations and marketing packages¬Ě necessary to receive wondrous offers for their business. In most cases, the business was never sold and the solicitor was very scarce after cashing their check. Top-level business investors would confirm that these documents mean nearly nothing to them as they do their own internal valuation according to their own methodologies. We find that most prospective clients are willing to consider the sale of their business but need to know the Fair Market Value (FMV) prior to having a serious discussion.

We are very educated in the science and art of business valuation and the market conditions that drive them at a particular time. Business owners that have a serious interest in marketing their business should provide us with financials (P&L statements and balance sheets) and corporate tax returns for the last three years and year-to-date financials if more than a few months into the new year (especially if you can demonstrate growth).

We are very happy to provide this as a free service, especially to those that have paid for this in the past.