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Do you really have a buyer for my business?

Many buyers! At MergerMasters, we have more interested buyers than businesses for sale by a ratio of 20:1. We only list solid businesses, and we only work with skilled, financially qualified, serious buyers who are looking for a business like yours. You will meet ONLY the best candidates who have been screened and proven to be a potential asset to your business, staff, and culture. We are selective in the sellers and buyers that we work with, so we can deliver the best service to all of our clients.

What’s my business worth?

Valuing your business is a complex step in the mergers and acquisitions process that requires studying the three most recent years of financial statements and industry trends. Only then can we give you the serious answer that this question deserves. Our business valuations are NOT based on one-time sales, five times EBITDA, or cash-flow plus assets. Give us a call today to see how MergerMasters can work with you to get premium value and profits. We’re consistently able to get significantly higher valuations than the initial estimates our clients receive from other M&A firms.

Do you charge upfront fees like most business brokers?

At MergerMasters, we charge zero out-of-pocket fees. We deliver results as promised, or you pay nothing!

How long will it take?

Our mergers and acquisitions process is the best in the business. Until we are satisfied that we have the deal AND buyer that meets or exceeds your expectations, we will not close the deal. We KNOW from experience that the best buyer is out there somewhere looking for you… and we always find them.

Are there other expenses?

No. You won’t be charged any hidden fees or additional costs. Our competitors scam clients with retainers, “success fees”, or worthless and redundant business valuation costs. With us, there are no tricks or scams. We’re partners, so we only get paid when you get paid.

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